The terms of all current 2018 officers and board members were up at the end of December, and none accepted nominations to continue on the board. A minimum of (4) four new people are needed to fill the officer positions, but a full board consists of (7) seven members (no maximum).

Two new members did accept nominations to be on the 2019 board prior to the annual meeting: Mike McNeely and Rocky Weinmann, During the meeting, Mike McNeely nominated Richard Dalman and Justin Bond nominated Mike Sumpter – neither were present to accept nominations (POST-MEETING NOTE: Richard Dalman did accept).

Even though we did not receive the minimum number of nominees for the 2019 board during the annual meeting, volunteers can be accepted to the board after the meeting (and throughout the year). Please note that if we don’t get enough volunteers to at least fill the officer positions, then the board will go inactive. That DOES NOT mean the HOA goes inactive. Annual dues are still due, an all CCRS are still enforceable. 

If you are interested in being on the board, please contact us as soon as possible so we can put you in touch with the other nominees. 

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