The spring 2019 dumpster is scheduled to be delivered to Marie Place circle on Thursday, June 6th, 2019, and will be available until Thursday, June 13th.
Each year (and sometimes twice a year), the neighborhood gets a large dumpster to help residents out with their house cleaning. It is typically available for a week, or until it’s filled up, whichever comes first.

Please be respectful of your neighbors and condense your trash as much as possible when loading it into the dumpster, so that there is enough room for all the homeowners to discard their items. 

Please note the following items may NOT be placed into the dumpster.

  • paint

  • tires

  • batteries

  • large appliances / scrap metal (place next to the dumpster)

If you have any large appliances or pieces of scrap metal, they can be left next to or behind the dumpster for pickup. For ridding yourself of paint, batteries, old automotive fluids, and other household chemical products, you may take them to the Kansas City Water Dept. Hazardous Waste facility at 4707 Deramus Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64120. Click here for more info.