Trespassing Notice

Trespassing Notice

To all TLHA Homeowners
from your TLHA Board of Directors:

Due to increased incidents of trespassing on our lakes, your board of directors felt we should advise homeowners of issues we face with trespassers and action to be taken to help prevent problems in the future.

A trespasser is anyone using our common areas without a visible pass identifying them as a TLHA resident or friend. Laminated passes were given to every household in 2010 as a method for identifying homeowners using our common areas. In recent months, the incidents of trespassing have increased.

The Clay County Sheriff’s office has advised us that if a suspicious person, or persons, are seen using our common area and do not have our TLHA lake permit in view, we should immediately call the sheriff. Do not call a TLHA board member or officer and do not confront suspicious trespassers yourself. The Clay County Sheriff’s office have a map of TLHA residents and lot numbers for our protection. The Sheriff will issue a citation or write a ticket for trespassing for not having the pass visible.

This means that any TLHA homeowner without a pass is subject to getting a citation or ticket. So it is very important that TLHA residents wear their pass or have it visible in their car. If you don’t have a pass or have lost your pass, please contact the board to be issued a new one. The pass is good for family and friends and we welcome homeowners to use our common areas. But to protect our property, we need to enforce the no trespassing rule, which means that anyone on our com- mon area without a pass is subject to being ticketed or receiving a citation.

Save this number:  Clay County Sheriff 816-407-3700

Thank you for helping to preserve our lakes for use by our homeowners.