Outbuilding Guidelines

In July of 2018, the Twin Lakes Homes Association Board of Directors acting as the Architectural Committee passed the following Guidelines that any TLHA homeowner will be expected to follow to build an outbuilding, detached garage, shop, etc. Any TLHA homeowner who would like to build an outbuilding will need to submit plans to the board for approval. The building should adhere to the following guidelines as set forth on August 1, 2018 by the TLHA Board of Directors and Architectural Committee:

  • Building must be set in footings or on concrete pad;
  • If on concrete pad, the pad must extend in front of building 2-4 ft. minimum;
  • Inside floor at owner’s discretion;
  • Must meet a 20-degree roof pitch;
  • Roof eave overhang minimum of twelve (12) inches;
  • Gutters and downspouts must be color coordinated;
  • Structure must meet color schemes of existing structures;
  • Metals exterior must be protected against rust (no galvanized siding);
  • Any variances or exception requests to any of the above must be approved
  • There are currently no restrictions on the size of outbuildings;
  • The Committee and Board must approve overall design;
  • County covenants and restrictions and TLHA by-laws will determine placement on property.

Twin Lakes Estates

Located near the historic town of Kearney, Missouri, Twin Lakes Estates provides its residents with a beautiful neighborhood that's just rural enough to be peaceful, while still being only a few miles from all modern amenities. The sub-division has 51 family homes, two picturesque fishing lakes, and covers approximately 200 acres.