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TLHA Members: With cases of COVID on the rise again, the board is looking to put together a group of volunteers who might be willing to pick up and deliver groceries to our neighbors who are in the highest at-risk demographic.   Volunteers would only be asked to do the pickup & delivery. Those staying.. read more →

A new crossing was recently installed at the big lake. This smaller, gravel crossing is designed to allow TLHA members access when pulling small boats with lawn tractors, ATVs, and UTVs. This is intended only for smaller, lighter vehicles – NO CAR OR  TRUCKS.   Please refrain from pulling your boat down the Scottie Circle.. read more →

Many of us in the TLHA community have dogs and love them as we do our own kids. We enjoy taking them for long walks around the sub-division, letting them stretch their legs and meeting other people & puppies along the way. Unfortunately, a few of us aren’t doing a good job of picking up.. read more →

Based on the feedback we received in a recent poll on the TLHA Facebook page, the board made the decision made to cancel the neighborhood Halloween party this year. While there will be no organized activities there still may be individual trick or treaters, so if you are willing to pass out candy, please be.. read more →