2020 Mid-Year Update

TLHA homeowners,

The board wanted to update everyone on this year’s activity.  Due to Covid19 we’ve had to cancel all events so far.  We are still hoping to have the Halloween party this fall.  We will make final arrangements later this year depending on the Covid19 virus.

Due to numerous non-members trespassing at the Big Lake we chose to remove the parking space at the shelter.  This seems to have helped the issue.  We do have permission to park in the field across the street from the shelter house if you want to have a family event at the big lake.  You can also access the big lake from the easement on Scottie Circle.

We will be delivering the new 2020 Lake Passes in the next two weeks to every member who is in good standing with their dues.  We apologize for the delay in getting these out to everyone. It took a little longer than expected due to various issues that arose because of the pandemic. To prevent this for next year, we went ahead and produced the 2021 passes so they are ready for distribution at the annual meeting for members in good standing.

We are having a problem with residents and non-residents driving ATV’s and Lawnmowers to the big and small lakes.  This is prohibited unless you have permission from the resident whose yard you are driving across.  The easement to the lakes is just an easement for you to walk to the lake.  The property belongs to the residents and we ask that you respect the property owner’s property and not drive across their lawn without permission.

It’s great to see more people out walking around the neighborhood with your families and dogs these days, but please be courteous and pick up after your pets if nature calls.

We’ve also received some complaints about numerous brush piles in the neighborhood.  Due to the storms this year it has created more downed limbs than usual.  We would ask that everyone burn your brush pile as the weather permits. If you need a hand with cleaning up your brush pile, please send us an email at twinlakesha@gmail.com, and we’ll see about gathering up a few volunteers to lend some help.

We still have a few members that have not paid their 2019 and 2020 dues.  After July 31 there will be penalties and interest added.  If you haven’t paid yet please do so by July 31st.

Twin Lakes Homeowners Association

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