• Welcome to Twin Lakes!

    Welcome to Twin Lakes!

    This is the official website of the Twin Lakes Estates community, located in Kearney, Missouri.

The second Spring 2021 dumpster was delivered on Monday, May 10th, and is located on Marie Place Circle.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and condense your trash as much as possible when loading it into the dumpster, so that there is enough room for all the homeowners to discard their items. In addition, please avoid.. read more →

The spring 2021 dumpster was delivered on Friday, May 7th, but was full within 36 hours or so. We are assuming that not everyone has had a chance to dispose of all their junk yet, so we will be requesting a second one to be delivered this week.  Please hold off on bringing any more stuff over.. read more →

Below are the meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report from the February 4th, 2021 TLHA Board of Directors meeting. If you’d like to download or review the documents from any previous meetings, please visit the Meeting Minutes or Treasurer’s Report pages.  February 2021 Meeting Minutes read more →